Connecting Customers with World-Class Manufacturers

Sourcing over the ocean has its challenges, and one slip-up in communication can have costly consequences. Fortunately, PSI keeps the waters calm for our clients.

At PSI Systems, we place a special emphasis on partnership – where close cooperation and implicit trust are paramount to achieving desired outcomes.

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PSI Systems North America, Inc. was founded in 1997 as the sales and warehousing agent for Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH of Germany. We have since formed partnerships with additional world-class manufacturers, allowing PSI to offer a wider range of unique products and serve more diverse markets.

PSI now operates a 22,000 sq.-ft. facility in Bartlett, IL, where we maintain inventory for our clients, monitor customer usage and upcoming demand, and process shipments promptly. Although we do not manufacture the products we market, PSI performs the vital role of connecting customers in need of solutions with manufacturers seeking opportunities. We provide expertise in selecting the ideal product for your application, we offer guidance in optimizing designs, and we ensure the most responsive customer service possible. That is what we deliver.

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